Gordon Biersch Downs 9 man South City

Gordon Biersch took control early and defeated SSFAC 9-3 as SSF played the entire match down 2 players. After falling behind 6-2 at the half, SSF battled hard to the finish although the players were definitely fatigued playing shorthanded. Next up is Santa Clara Sporting

SSFAC's Danny Turgeon to sign with the Philadelphia Fury of the ASL

South City's Danny Turgeon will travel to Pennsylvania next weekend to meet with staff and coaches as he signs his first pro contract with the Philadelphia Fury of the American Soccer League. While playing with SSFAC, Danny contributed 3 goals and 4 assists to help lead his team to 9 wins thus far. We will certainly miss him both on and off the field, but wish him nothing but the best in his pro career !! Congratulations Danny...we are proud of you

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