SSFAC All Decade Team 2010's

The Decade of 2010-19 brought many great achievements by SSFAC, as excellent play from a constantly improving roster led the team to new heights and significant results. Among the many accomplishments was a 3 year stretch that saw the team compile a record of 32-13-8 scoring 161 goals and allowing 88. The 66 goals scored in 2011 was an all time best and in 2012, SSF went 9-3-4 with 50 GF 26 GA to earn them promotion to the PSL's top flight, the Majors Division. South City won 8 games or more every season except for 2016-17, and finished  a decade 9 year run at 89-69-26 scoring 389 while allowing 397.

As the team finally began to establish themselves as a major player in the PSL, many players started to inquire about a tryout, hoping to land a spot on the club that was now challenging for the Division title every season. Change was also in the wind as coach Mike Pizzo retired after 34 seasons and remained as the teams administrator, while defender Scott Ellis took over the reigns with assistant coach Gareth Lea. Ellis then moved away after the 2018 season and Lea took over as player/coach, with his fellow teammates, Martin Wright, Djimbaye Andemel, & Greg Hui as his assistant coaches.

Going forward into 2020's, the team continued to excel as they won a Majors title in the PSL's final season as a league, under the guidance of Liga NorCal and eventually the Southwest Premier League where they currently play and look to be a major player in the Pacific Premier Division.

          Adrian MONROY  (GK)  2013-19  
          Fernando COSTA  (DF)  2012-19  
          Matteo LUPO  (DF)  2015-17  
          Scott ELLIS (DF)  2012-18  
          Ever ALVAREZ  (D)  1995-04
          Gionata BIANCHI  (M)  2014-16  
          Bobby QUINLAN  (M)  2012-16  *
          Gareth LEA  (M)  2013-19
          Blair SMITH  (M)  1996-06  *
          Fabio MARQUES  (F)  2006-16  *
          Carlos Ballesteros  (F)  2014-19  
             *  Member of All Time Best XI
              SSFAC All Decade Team 2010's
                        Second Team 
        Goalkeeper         Abner RAMOS           2008 - 11
        Honorable Mention:
        Defender           Rueben WARTENS       2012 - 15
        Honorable Mention:
        Djimbaye Andemel 2015-19,  Jim Burke 02-04, 07-09, 11-12
        Defender               Paul PAVICH             2012 - 15
        Honorable Mention:
        Manny Uche 2015-16, Farshid Salehi 2015-17
        Defender                   Jack SILVA            2014 - 16
        Honorable Mention:
        Roberto Miranda 2014-17,  Kevin Ma 2018-19
        Defender               Martin WRIGHT         2016 - 19
        Honorable Mention:
        Chris Silva 2014-16, Sam Nadell 2018-19
        Midfielder            Leandro Montiero       2002 - 08
        Honorable Mention:
        Damian Hites 2010-12, Jack Blackley 2016-17
        Midfielder               Shane KUTAKA        2014 - 18
        Honorable Mention:
        Ruben Salazar 2012-13,  Eric Holman 2016-18
        Midfielder              Jason CRIST            1993 - 97
        Honorable Mention:
        Brendan Cadam 2018-19, David Tuesta 2014-16
        Midfielder                Greg HUI               2016 - 19
        Honorable Mention:
        Kyle Castaneda 2015-16 Andrew Elliott 2005-06, 13-15
        Forward              Jonathan WONG        2004 - 07
        Honorable Mention:
        Jovian Amirkiai 2014-18,  Ryan Wiegmann 2010-12
        Forward             Adam DHANENS          2013 - 15
        Honorable Mention:
        Andrew Pantano 2010-12,  Antony Reyes 2010-11